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Gator Straps
Gator Straps are the world's first "Inverted" design motorcycle tiedowns. All Gator Straps are designed to be the highest quality straps on the market today with features you can't get with any other tiedown strap.




  • Inverted Design
    Inverted Design is easy to tighten and positions the buckle and extra strap down by the floor where it will not damage the paint.
  • Built in Soft Loop
    The first tiedown on the market designed to leave the extra strap on the floor, not slapping the paint.
  • 7 Foot Length
    Industry standard straps are only 6 foot and will not reach in many applications such as on stretched choppers or when loading more than one dirt bike in a truck.
  • Double Box Stitched
    All tension points are oversized from end to end and bonded, with precision double box stitching for maximum strength and durability.
  • Unmatched Strength and Durability
    Gator Straps have no weak link. All components and assembly techniques are second to none. UV resistant webbing is manufactured by Gator to its own high standards.
  • Display Packaged
    Beautiful full color packaging is important to dealers as it catches customer attention.
  • Unmatched Price
    Gator Straps were designed to be the best. Our low case price is a result of efficient manufacturing techniques and an aggressive marketing strategy.
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